A term that has an endless list of synonyms: joy, contentment, satisfaction, euphoria; a term that some do not even have words to describe.


The conversation regarding the relationship between design and happiness has gained traction in recent years. Whether it is a witty billboard that made us chuckle on our way to work, or a well-designed ergonomic chair that fits perfectly to the contours of our spine, the experience of good design can lift our spirits and encourage our appreciation of aesthetics and it's functions.


Join us live at the FUNAN SHOW SUITE!

(Junction of High Street and Hill Street)

Date: 21 Oct 2017, Saturday

Time: 12 - 5pm


1. Creative Therapy

The creative process takes on a therapeutic role to encourage mindfulness through the freedom of self-expression.


2. Laughing Matters

From comedy stand-ups to laughter yoga, the physical act of laughing could just be the simplest form of bliss.


3. Brand It Happy

Campaigns are inspired by literal interpretations of optimism and emotional branding to connect with consumers.

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